To submit a proposal to Acheron:

- You have to know well and have read our catalogue.

- We accept just speculative fiction novels (science fiction, fantasy, horror) and their subgenres (urban fantasy, steampunk, etc.).

 - The story must feature an Italian setting and if possible, strong relations to Italy’s folklore, legends, art, history. The stronger this element, the more chances your proposal has to be of our interest.

- We need high concept novels that you can summarize with a logline (a few examples: Imago Mortis - Medium-Detective communicates with dead by sniffing their ashes; Poison Fairies - Venomous Fairies living in a Landfill and are at war with other fairies’ tribes; Lieutenant Arkham - Blade Runner meets the Lord of the Rings, etc.).

- Self-contained stories, with possibility of serialization.

What we don’t look for:

- young adult fiction

- paranormal romance

- non speculative genres (thriller, crime, romance, etc.)

- Not self-contained trilogies/sagas. 

We also accept proposals. In this case, just send:

- a 10-line synopsis, underlining the high concept of the proposal.

If we are interested, we will ask to send part of the manuscript to evaluate your prose.

Please be patient, we give an answer to everybody, even if it could take some time.

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